What is One-Farm-Beer?

One-Farm-Beer is the philosophy that beer is more than ingredients in a mash-tun mixed with a snazzy marketing department, but rather goes all the way back to the sowing of a grain of barley and the picking of the hops. 

Our simple concept is that all the ingredients of a truly sustainable pint of beer should be grown and manufactured in the same place.

Where are we today?

Our water and barley both come from the farm on which the brewery is built - but we are on a mission to take this further and are striving for all ingredients (including the hops) to come from the farm. We will update on our progress towards this goal. 

From the use of exclusively organic grain, to the feeding of waste grain to livestock on the farm, to our reed bed filtration of waste water, we are setting the standard for sustainability and environmental friendliness.