What is One-Farm-Beer?

One-Farm-Beer is the idea that breweries should be focusing on the locality of their ingredients and their process rather than their marketing.

Our simple concept is that all the ingredients of a truly sustainable pint of beer should be grown and manufactured in the same place and should be Organic whenever possible.

Where are we today?

Barley- We grow on the farm a variety of Barley called Cellar. Although not a particularly common variety it grows well and makes extremely high quality malting Barley. It travels just 6 miles to Warminster Maltings where its malted for us and returned.

Water- Drawn from an on-site 300ft deep chalk borehole. Its naturally very hard water having been filtered through chalk but it’s beautifully clean and consistent.

Hops- We now have 8 bines growing around the brewery which will give us our first crop of hops in September/October.

Other areas-

All spent grain is fed to livestock on the farm.

Reedbed filtration for wastewater is currently being constructed.