Our brewing concept is simple; a truly sustainable beer is one where all ingredients are grown and manufactured in one place. We aim to show how effortlessly agriculture and beer can work together. It starts in the diversity and natural ecology of our land, continues with organic farm-grown ingredients and carries through to localised production.

When we talk about brewing good beer, the quality of our product is our highest priority, but ‘good’ goes beyond the rational attributes. A big part of our brewing philosophy is built on keeping things local and reducing our environmental impact wherever we can.



The journey to making beer in a better way is a long one - and we’re just getting started.

We live in one of the best places in the world for growing malting barley. Ours is a rare variety called Cellar, which is well suited to our low intensity organic farming system. After being harvested, the barley hops on a tractor just 6 miles to Warminster Maltings where its malted for us, minimising the miles and maximising the flavour.

Speaking of’s a work in progress and we now have eight bines growing around our brewery.

Our water is drawn 300ft through the ancient Wessex chalk downs on which our farm and brewery sit - it’s beautifully clean and pure.

And back at the beginning of the brewing process, each day our spent grain is fed to some very happy cattle.

Our family made a commitment to organic farming practices over twenty years ago. As a result, we foster rare wildlife, flora and fauna which thrive due to the careful protection of their habitats, our patient natural farming techniques and our commitment to never using man-made chemicals.